Saturday, August 25, 2012

Most bizarre reasons why guys break-up with girls

What is the most bizarre reason a guy has ever given you for breaking up with you? Here are some interesting ones I have heard of:

ü  “You are a virgin, and I don’t need a virgin girl right now. I just wanted to have fun”

ü  For asking me I had taken my bath

ü  “You take life too seriously – why are you studying for a professional qualification?”

ü  “You are too good for me, I don’t deserve you!”

ü  “You are all grown up and independent; I preferred you when I used to buy you everything including your tooth brush.”

ü  I’m very used to my space now and don’t want to share

ü  “Some people are really good together but just cannot be together”– what exactly does that mean?

ü  “In all our years of dating, you never told me that you love me.” But I told you I don’t believe in love, haven’t you read my post titled: Love vs. Romance?

Love is an ACT and not a WORD. The truth is, a man will come up a bizarre excuse if he’s irresponsible and afraid of a commitment. So, Ladies, don’t beat yourself up if you have been a victim. You’ve got only life … live it big time!

 If you’ve got any bizarre experiences, feel free to share in the comment box.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Girls Go to Heaven; Bad Girls Go to London

I stumbled into a very interesting conversation recently. The topic under contention was:
'where to draw the line between decent and indecent dressing and at what point it would be right to accost and reprimand an indecently dress lady?’

The participants complained that skirts were getting shorter, low-rise trousers getting lower, cleavages had become deeper, and weaves (hair extensions) were longer.  They particularly found the low-rise jeans offensive as they tended to expose a lot of female thongs and underwear. They all seemed to hold a unanimous view.

The argument suddenly took a turn when a certain gentleman said he wished to warn against reprimanding a 'seemingly indecently' dressed lady. For him, scantily clad women were seeking to be noticed and an attempt to scold them could lead to a backlash. More so, he had absolutely no problem with a woman dressing to be noticed. He argued that the new generation men weren’t into women with natural hair, the longer the weave, the better, and a little sex-appeal was in order.

As non-conformist as he sounded, I agree with him. Our world has become engulfed in perversion.

Today’s Good Girls don’t get noticed, dates and sometimes spouses. Even church boys want the vain girls. It no longer pays to be a Miss Goody Two-Shoes!

If you don’t fix your hair, a guy will ask you why? If you don’t wear make-up somebody will ask you why? White powder is soooooooo not in, brown powder is so in vogue; red lips are so kissable, and the more glossy the lips the better.

These things may not be right, but they are the reality. In today’s world, Vanity Rules!

Nobody wants to be a good girl anymore because nobody wants to be rejected. Everybody wants some love and attention, and if it takes some vanity to get the attention, then women will continue to go all out.

My cousin used to say “Good girls go to Heaven, and Bad girls go to London”. The average undergraduate today doesn’t want to go to Heaven – she wants to go to London!