Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Proudly Nigerian

In the last two to three weeks I have sat in meetings to review proposals for a high profile event and I one thing seems to keep reoccurring. All the event planners have suggested that because it is a high profile event, the menu shouldn’t be Nigerian. They have recommended the bland, half-cooked and the uncooked including Sushi. While I have tried to kick-back, this seems to be the trend and really gives me cause for concern especially as it is happening at a time when we are celebrating our independence and our nationality. I simply cannot understand why you should serve purely international dishes at a Nigerian event, high profile or not. A worst case should be a mix. 
I have attended a high profile event in the UK. The event had CEOs and top-guns from Europe, Middle-east and Africa. It was VERY high profile and the menu was VERY British. The menu came with the invitation about two weeks before the event and all they were interested in knowing was whether or not I am vegetarian. They couldn’t be bothered with serving Nigerian dishes.

We say we are proudly Nigerian but are so quick to forget who we are; we want to attend a Nigerian event and eat Sushi; want to speak with a British or American accent, and generally act like who we are not. 

Inspiration FM On-air Personality, Dan Forster has been in Nigeria for over 10 years, is married to an Ibo woman but he is yet to lose his American accent for a Nigerian accent. I even recall him lamenting over the radio that his Nigerian born children will end up with 'the stupid Nigerian accent', so why are we so eager to lose ours?
About half my Blackberry contacts have had the Nigerian flag or something symbolic for their love for Nigeria as their DP since yesterday but I don’t believe that a lot of us are proudly Nigerian.


  1. You are right. Our major problem is trying to be someone else instead of being inspired by who we admire to be better persons.

  2. There's a lot of pressure on people to conform to what's on the media generally. God help us all.

  3. Is it the people that is conforming to the world or the world is becoming a reality of some innate vanity and shallowness of the human mind??? i just dey ask ni o!

  4. Good point but the reality is that people make the world what it is. Ever heard the saying 'God made man and man made slaves'?