Saturday, 18 December 2010

Man’s Inhumanity to Woman

Boyfriend: (Hugging tightly and stroking gently) Hey, baby I want you so much.

Girlfriend: But am not ready.

Boyfriend: Please, I really do care about you. I have always wanted more than friendship. You are everything I dreamed by woman would be. Thoughts of you crowd my mind, day-in day-out. I can hardly concentrate on my job and sleep is far from me.

Girlfriend: I appreciate all that but I want us to build a relationship founded on friendship and not sex.

Boyfriend: But sex will make us closer.

Girlfriend: (Sighs) Hmmmm. I only agreed to come spend the night because you promised nothing would happen. O naïve me!

Boyfriend: I didn’t make any promise. (Silence, he spreads her legs)

Girlfriend: For the records, I don’t do pills and you must use a condom.

Boyfriend: Baby, condoms kill my mojo. You won’t get the best of me if I use a condom. Just trust me. Am clean; I get checked every three months. I can even show you my latest HIV results.

Girlfriend: I haven’t had unprotected sex in 5 years. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Boyfriend: oh Baby, you’ve gotta trust me, I want to give you my best. I can’t do that with a condom. I trust you and it will make us closer.

Lights out…

Two weeks later…

Girlfriend: (in a phone conversation) Hi dear. The fever doesn’t seem to be going away so I went to see the doctor. Rather unfortunate how we assume every symptom to be a sign of malaria. The fever was manifestation of an infection, I could have died slowly. I’ve got an STD. I’ve been placed on antibiotics and advised to be very careful.

Boyfriend: I absolutely don’t know what you are talking about. Am clean; I get checked every three months. I can even show you my latest HIV results. Sounds like you’ve got a toilet infection.

Typical girl – guy scenario! What is it about getting in between a woman’s leg?

He begs, cajoles and tells a lie even cries to get her to spread her legs.

Her mind boggles but he doesn’t care, he’s temporarily insane at that moment willing to undertake the risk of unprotected sex. He forgets class, marriage vows, children, fidelity, religion and reputation in his desperation. And then he hears the forbidden words; I am pregnant.

He goes on his knees and begs to sleep with his maid, impregnates her and suddenly realizes she’s the maid and not deserving of him and begins to maltreat her. He sleeps with an illiterate girl impregnates her and when her family insists that he marry her, he suddenly realizes that he can’t marry her because they do not belong to the same social class. So what is it about that thing between the legs of the dirty, poor, illiterate housemaid or village girl that sees him obsessed and out of his senses one minute but suddenly awakened when the consequences hit?


Why so much inhumanity to woman?

Like Asa in her album Beautiful Imperfection, I’ve got so many questions on my mind; will I ever get answers?


  1. Beautifully told from a woman´s point of view. And very true too, but for someone who gets to hear both sides of the story, and to consider the lenghts some women go to in order to seduce a man (for lack of a better word), including the housegirl who is longing for a breakthrough into a better life, and sees her oga is the divinely provided source of this; the village girl who is more knowledgeable in these matters than the sofisticated city girl, and therefore actively carries out her entrapment of the guy; There sre two sides of the story, but you definitely tell the ladies side well.

  2. I tell what i know. I cannot speak for men.