Saturday, 25 February 2012

You never know unless you try!

The last one month has been really reassuring for me. I have done the things which my mother feared most and considered impossible with me. I have survived -3oC and I have held my breath under water in a swimming pool!

What was most remarkable is that I was able to stay longest in the pool compared with my contemporaries with whom I was learning to swim. That for me was a big deal because it contradicted my mother’s beliefs of me.

As a child my doctor recommended swimming for me stating it would help my lungs function better. At that time, I was very frail, in-and-out of hospital, thus my mum defied the doctor’s order because she feared for my life. Having reviewed my experiences these last weeks, I cannot but think that she should have let me try.

Now, I realise that you never know if you can do it unless you try. I have always wanted to visit my friend in Canada but my family always says I won’t survive the cold. Now I know I can. I am proud of what I have become and the things I can do.

I think we miss out on life for failing to try and it is disheartening because, unlike money and every material thing, one treasure that will live with us forever is life’s experiences!

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