Thursday, 22 December 2011

Life lessons from 2011

As the year quickly draws to a close, I cannot but reminisce and while it was generally a good year, I learnt some life lessons which I would like share.

1. People who introduce themselves as Mrs. XYZ, happily married, are not necessarily happy in their marriages.

2. People who say you dress to show-off simply because you always dress nice, are simply ENVIOUS of you and wish they had your life. They are HATERS!

3. Promises are mere words of a desperate man.

4. Love your life and enjoy it because people wish they had your life.

5. It pays to be private, when there’s a little mystery about you; life is a whole lot more enjoyable.

6. Six months is enough time to see the good and bad side of every new friend – male or female!

7. People who call you insecure do so to make themselves happy, because they are insecure themselves.

8. Never be in a hurry to buy a plane ticket, you could get a better deal if you wait a little bit or a need to cancel the trip may just arise.

9. There’s no perfect marriage or relationship, enjoy every moment of what you have.

10. Your next relationship will always be better than the last, hard as it maybe, summon courage to open up your heart to someone new after a failed relationship.

11. Never judge anyone based on hear-say, give them a chance to prove themselves. You never know, they may turn out to be the best people you ever met.

12. First impressions are not always true, give people another chance to make a first impression.

13. Some people and places that lack outward finesse sometimes have gold to give.

14. Try not to borrow people money all of the time no matter how desperate they may seem, they may just end up taking you for granted.

15. The people who bless you are those you least expect to.

16. Excellence is not perfection; it is giving your best in everything you do.

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