Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My 2 cents on Nigerians’ protests against the removal of fuel subsidy

This is my shortest post on this blog so far, and it may be seen as inconsequential given the issue at hand, but all that has to be said has been said already and I choose not to be-labour the issue:

Reduce government wastes and cost of running government, fight corruption, let the cabal responsible face justice, insecurity is a greater pain for Nigerians than removal of fuel subsidy, we need power etc.

However, my biggest take out from the removal of fuel subsidy and the current nationwide strike is that it has forced Nigerians to read, and seek out information.

I have always listened to the news on my radio but now I am glued to my TV as well to listen to the news. I have opened every link sent to me via a Blackberry chat message or SMS on the pressing issue. I have read virtually every Blackberry broadcast and blog post which has been shared with me on the removal of fuel subsidy.

What strikes me is that this attitude shift doesn’t just apply to me but several others. Most people are now hungry information, realising that knowledge is power and that the information shared will give many people the will to fight in this situation.

Perhaps if Nigerians were this hungry for information, they would have voted based on facts on not for ‘luck’. They would have voted for the party and not the ‘man’!

I do hope this hunger for information and desire to know the truth will remain in Nigerians after this issue is resolved.

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