Sunday, 2 September 2012

Is every spinster in her thirties under a curse?

If you are a lady, thirty years and over and yet to tie the nuptial knot and living in Nigeria, then somebody might have suggested that you are under a curse and probably need to go for deliverance at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles church. I have found this suggestion quite confusing and so began to ask the question – ‘Is every spinster in her thirties under a curse? After some soul searching, it turns out that my answer is: YES!

Not exactly the answer the ladies were expecting but you are under the curse of a POOR ECONOMY that has caused several women to become bread winners, and men afraid of commitments.

The same curse placed on thousands of Bankers (formerly the most eligible bachelors) who have been today rendered jobless.

The same curse placed on today’s Men in their thirties that they cannot dream of building their own houses when most of our parents at thirty owned at least one house.

The same curse that has driven several young Nigerians abroad in search of greener pastures when the majority of our parents grew up, schooled in Nigeria and could afford a decent life here.

The same curse that sees most people scrambling to own a foreign passport.

The same curse which has led most couples to settle for not more than two kids because of the fear of not being to cater for them when most of our parents had four kids on the average.

YES, we SINGLES (whether – male or female) are all under that curse called poverty.

What however baffles me though is that everyone puts pressure on the Spinster. Why not the Bachelor in his thirties? Who says he doesn’t also need to be delivered of an ancestral curse?

While evil lives among us, the reality is that our economy has deteriorated very badly and so our men are becoming more individualistic. A lot of bachelors are saying “I can’t foot my bills let alone bear the burden of a spouse”. Women are more educated and are saying, “rather than starve while waiting for Mr. Right to show up, I’ll work hard to build a career.” And as Dr. Myles Monroe said in one of his teachings, all the energy the women are supposed to use to support their spouses as ‘Help meets’ they are putting into their career. So is that such a bad thing that she is now called, CURSED?

Truth is times have changed. Once upon a time Nigerian women got married at 18 years, after sometime they began to get married in their twenties, today some women are getting married in their thirties. Some say 30 is the new 20.

Whatever, the case, another reality is that not all will get married, not all who get married will have children so just take each day as it comes and live life.

And according to a quote my friend Dante has on his desk:

“If you are waiting for the love of your life, STOP; they will be waiting when you starting doing what you love”.

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  1. Hahaha! Interesting read I must say, you indeed got to the foundation (didn't want to say roots as that has been over used). I clearly see your views and can only say that life really is what we make of it. When I hadn't seen the light I thought I needed to go for deliverance because I had finished NYSC a year before and just couldn't tie down a decent job. I know better now. Its about times and seasons. If indeed i was cursed, then Abraham must have been because He was old and childless, but his bother who didnt know Abrahams God was blessed with many children and so was Lot Abraham's nephew. Jacob must indeed have felt cursed too for he was working for some one else and couldnt marry his lover but had to first settle for someone he didnt love.

    Could Isaac also have been cursed? Recall he married at age 40years or so. We have Joseph and the list is endless and inexhaustable. My dear, everything is in Gods hands but there is another twist though and that is the choices we make, the standard of the world and of course the interpretations of the world. I heard of a certain lady who came in contact with her present hubby and at the first meeting had to remove every thing around her she felt would send wrong signals before the bobo made an effort to know her. It was only after they had become use to each other that she gradually brought all the posessions like car etc out. Now dont ask me if thats right or wrong because i dont know and dont have an opinion. Did she get what she wanted? Yes! smart you may say? depends on how you see it. In summary, everyone must know what they want and decide how desperate they want it and what price they are willing to pay to have it. The list of people who paid such price abound. Am not suggesting anyone pay any price, but am saying free your mind, live your life, serve your God dutifully and let things fall in place. No mans biases or prejudice is worth killing your self over. After all is said and done, it wont be about these things, but about God. Take care